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Blender 3.1.2 Released:
Blender 3.1 has just received a "corrective" release fixing over 50 issues and bugs. While Blender 3.1 is not an "LTS" release such as 2.83 and 2.93 (both of which will be supported and updated for two years), the Blender Institute still can elect to have one or two corrective releases for "traditional" versions, a welcome burst of support.

Video archive released

A part of the past archive of videos, distributed on media including Twitter, has been released on Youtube.

How Google prevents invalid traffic

Our specialists carefully monitor clicks and impressions on Google ads in order to protect your interests as well as those of our advertisers. To do this, we use both automated systems and human reviews, analyzing all ad clicks and impressions for any invalid traffic that may artificially drive up an advertiser's costs or a publisher's earnings. In addition to our automated system, we have a team dedicated to detecting invalid traffic using several specialized tools and a wide variety of techniques based on extensive experience tracking and monitoring user behavior and analyzing scenarios. We continually upgrade our detection mechanisms to proactively combat invalid traffic.

Twitter official account

The link to the official Twitter account is as follows.

Amazon Authentication

You can only use one Amazon account to sign in. You can create multiple character data on one Amazon account.
Check Amazon Help for account management. (password change, two-step verification settings, identity verification, etc.) Conditions of UsePrivacy Notice

When purchasing on Amazon, please use the link below.

Notice of the end of new registration for the Ouroboros3

2018/10/18 Ouroboros3 has been no longer available.

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For newcomer

OUROBOROS is one of the "metaverses" aimed at making many friends in the process of growing a character. You can exchange various items such as weapons, shields and armor with other players, or get funds to build a house wherever you like. You can also create a town or country by increasing the number of friends. We are currently working on an upgrade from a previous Adobe Flash version, but you can play it. If you have any opinions or impressions, they will be reflected in the game system, so please post them on the bulletin board or chat.

more about the Ouroboros World

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Since 2021. This is the latest version. Under development based on UE5 and Three.js.

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Since 2017 - 2022. Developed using HTML Living Standard technology and WebGL.
A total of about 40,000 registered users. Approximately 2,000 item data are provided. Now on available.

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Since 2017 - 2018. A simple short story game aiming for the first place on the high stage.
Developed using Html5 technology. Now on available.

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Since 2008 - 2018. Implemented by using Adobe Flash and html5;
Works with in-browser window system. This development has already stopped.

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Since 2005 - 2008. Adobe Flash technology was used. This development has already stopped.



Since 2003 - 2005. This development has already stopped.